Friday, January 29, 2010

How I got my start

I spent 3 years of my childhood living in Oklahoma next door to a retired jeweler, George, who spent his afternoons out in his studio.  He was a collector of rocks and stones and he would use them to decorate their flower beds and gardens in their backyard.  I loved looking at them when I was a kid. One memory that still sticks with me is George always carried jawbreakers in his pockets and would tend to rattle the wrappers.  It was torture to kids who were not to be asking him for one to eat. 

Because we lived away from our family, he and his wife were our surrogant grandparents.  Three years later we moved back to Iowa and little did we know at the time we would never get to see George again.  I took the call at home that day several years later when a former worker of my dad's called from Oklahoma to tell us that George had passed away.  My parents went down to Oklahoma for his funeral and came home with two boxes of his tools.  These two boxes sat for over 20 years collecting dust and rust.  My curiosity and desire to learn his art has brought these tools back to life.  I know he is proud his little "Jeca" following in his footsteps.  I love that I have a story of how I got into silversmithing!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here are some new pieces from my etsy shop.....

This one is inspired by record setting snowfall we have had in Iowa this winter. I figured I should just embrace it because I wasn't going to escape it. Besides what better to do than create jewelry when stuck inside!

This one I love and get tons of compliments when I wear a similar one. It's just so simple but looks great with anything.

Youngite...a local find but it's from Wyoming. The source of this stone is now closed! It's beautiful rust brick red, light blue gray, and milky white colors eye catching. Toss in there some sparkle from druzy quartz. Just a radiant piece!

Red lace agate...veins of colors from rusty brick red, light blue gray, milky white, carmel khaki...another local find. Shopping local does pay off!

Just some things I have been up to this week!!